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 Executive Summary:

At Trade and Investment Bangladesh, we stand as a dynamic force in the heart of Dhaka, committed to propelling businesses toward uncharted realms of prosperity and growth. With an unwavering passion for excellence, we offer a comprehensive suite of consultancy and digital marketing services designed to establish, promote, and elevate your business initiatives to new heights.


1.1 Your Partner in Prosperity and Growth!

Embodying this spirit, our firm’s guiding motto resonates with our ethos – we are not just consultants; we are your partners on the journey to success. Our deep-seated dedication to your business ambitions drives us to deliver unparalleled solutions that cultivate innovation, refine strategies, and maximize your potential in the competitive global landscape.


1.2 A Multifaceted Approach to Excellence:

Drawing from years of experience, our diverse array of services includes mentorship, business research, export market selection, product positioning, and the seamless matchmaking of buyers and sellers. But we don’t stop there. Our expertise extends into the digital realm, encompassing content writing, website development, social media marketing, email campaigns, search engine optimization, and strategic content marketing. From Facebook boosting to YouTube promotion and Google Ads, our digital prowess amplifies your brand’s resonance across platforms.


1.3 Navigating Success Together:

We understand that your success story is unique. That’s why we tailor our services to align with your distinct goals, empowering you to embrace opportunities and conquer challenges with informed decisions. Our collaborative approach transforms obstacles into stepping stones, fostering growth that is both strategic and sustainable.


1.4 Unleash Your Business Potential:

As your steadfast partners, our mission is to see you flourish. With a team of seasoned experts in various domains and a profound understanding of global markets, we are equipped to guide you through intricate pathways of expansion. Through meticulous research, creative strategies, and innovative marketing techniques, we unleash your business’s full potential and position you for lasting success.


1.5 Join Hands for Excellence:

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established enterprise, Trade and Investment Bangladesh welcomes you to embark on a transformative journey with us. Our commitment to professionalism, integrity, and unyielding support makes us more than consultants – we are catalysts for your aspirations.


In a world driven by change, let us be your constant, guiding you to thrive and flourish. Together, let’s pioneer your success story. Welcome to the world of limitless possibilities with Trade and Investment Bangladesh – Your Partner in Prosperity and Growth!


Business Consultant in Bangladesh

  1. About us:

In the vibrant city of Dhaka, Bangladesh, a beacon of expertise and innovation shines brightly – Trade and Investment Bangladesh. Rooted in a legacy of business acumen and digital prowess, we are not just a consultancy and digital marketing firm; we are your unwavering partners in prosperity and growth.


2.1 A Visionary’s Journey:

Founded by the distinguished Mr. Md. Joynal Abdin, a stalwart in the realm of Bangladesh’s business consultancy and digital marketing, Trade and Investment Bangladesh is a realization of a vision born from 17 years of experience and dedication. With an illustrious career that includes pivotal roles within the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI), SME Foundation, and Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI), Mr. Abdin brings a wealth of expertise that has now been channeled into creating a platform that caters to the diverse business support needs of the Bangladesh business community.


2.2 Catalysts of Transformation:

Our journey began with a profound belief that businesses, regardless of their scale, deserve access to strategic guidance and cutting-edge digital strategies. We are driven by the conviction that prosperity is achieved not in isolation, but through symbiotic partnerships. As catalysts of transformation, our mission is to empower businesses to evolve, thrive, and conquer the dynamic landscape of modern commerce.


2.3 Values That Define Us:

At the core of Trade and Investment Bangladesh lie values that illuminate our path to excellence. We are driven by integrity, a commitment to transparency, and an unwavering focus on delivering value beyond measure. Our interactions are underpinned by ethical standards that ensure every partnership is built on trust and authenticity.


2.4 A Holistic Approach:

Our comprehensive suite of services is a testament to our holistic approach to business growth. From the foundational pillars of mentorship and intricate business research, to the intricate nuances of export market selection, product positioning, and seamless buyers-sellers matchmaking, we encompass every dimension of your journey. Beyond consultancy, our digital marketing expertise transforms businesses into online powerhouses, leveraging social media, search engines, and digital platforms to bolster your brand’s resonance.


2.5 Navigating Challenges, Seizing Opportunities:

We understand that each venture is distinct, each challenge is unique, and each aspiration holds its own significance. With Trade and Investment Bangladesh, you’re not just availing services; you’re gaining a steadfast partner to navigate uncharted territories and capitalize on unprecedented opportunities. We stand by your side, adapting our strategies to align with your objectives and amplifying your potential for enduring success.


2.6 Our Vision for Tomorrow:

Our vision extends beyond the horizon of business transactions. We envision a landscape where businesses are not only successful, but they also contribute positively to the societal fabric. We aspire to be the driving force behind transformative growth that reverberates far beyond boardrooms, nurturing a legacy of innovation, sustainability, and progress.


In a world where change is the only constant, Trade and Investment Bangladesh emerges as your compass, guiding you through the seas of uncertainty toward prosperous shores. We invite you to join hands with us, to believe in the power of partnership, and to embrace a journey that holds boundless possibilities. Welcome to Trade and Investment Bangladesh – Your Partner in Prosperity and Growth!


Trade & Investment Bangladesh (TIB) [Part-1]

Md. Joynal Abdin, BBA (Hons.), MBA, Founder & CEO, Trade & Investment Bangladesh (TIB)

  1. Our Services:

At Trade and Investment Bangladesh, we are not merely service providers; we are architects of growth, collaborators in success, and navigators of innovation. Our comprehensive array of services is meticulously crafted to cater to every facet of your business journey, from inception to expansion. With a dynamic fusion of business consultancy and digital marketing expertise, we are your unwavering partners in prosperity and growth.


3.1 Mentorship:

Guidance is the cornerstone of success. Our seasoned experts provide strategic mentorship, drawing from years of industry experience, to empower you with insights, strategies, and a roadmap for achieving your business goals.


3.2 Business Research:

Informed decisions drive progress. Our meticulous business research equips you with actionable insights, enabling you to understand market trends, customer behaviors, and competitive landscapes, facilitating confident and calculated strategies.


3.3 Export Market Selection:

Going global requires precision. Our experts assess markets, evaluate potential, and guide you toward the most lucrative export destinations, ensuring your products or services resonate with international audiences.


3.4 Product Positioning:

Your offering’s impact lies in how it’s perceived. We employ strategic positioning techniques to ensure your products or services stand out, resonate with your target audience, and foster lasting brand loyalty.


3.5 Buyers-Sellers Matchmaking:

Connections breed success. We facilitate seamless partnerships by matching buyers with sellers, fostering collaborations that are mutually beneficial and result in long-term growth.


3.6 Content Writing:

Words shape perceptions. Our skilled writers craft compelling content that narrates your brand’s story, resonates with your audience, and reinforces your credibility in the digital space.


3.7 Website Development:

Your digital footprint matters. We design and develop websites that are not only visually captivating but also user-friendly, ensuring an online presence that leaves a lasting impression.


3.8 Social Media Marketing:

Engagement drives awareness. Our social media strategies leverage platforms to their fullest potential, fostering meaningful connections, and amplifying your brand’s voice.


3.9 Email Marketing:

Direct communication is impactful. Through targeted email campaigns, we deliver your message directly to your audience’s inboxes, nurturing relationships and driving conversions.


3.10 Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Visibility is key. Our SEO strategies optimize your digital assets to rank higher in search engines, driving organic traffic and establishing your authority in your industry.


3.11 Content Marketing:

Relevance drives engagement. Our content marketing campaigns provide value to your audience while showcasing your expertise, fostering brand loyalty and positioning you as an industry thought leader.


3.12 Facebook Boosting:

Targeted reach maximizes impact. Our Facebook boosting strategies ensure your content reaches the right audiences, driving engagement and expanding your online footprint.


3.13 YouTube Promotion:

Visual storytelling captures attention. We promote your content on YouTube, capitalizing on the platform’s massive user base to enhance brand visibility and engagement.


3.14 Google Ads:

Strategic advertising yields results. Our Google Ads campaigns place your brand in front of potential customers actively searching for your products or services, driving targeted traffic.


3.15 Professional PR:

Credibility builds trust. Our professional PR services enhance your brand’s image through strategic media outreach, securing features and articles that establish your authority.


3.16 Hosting Foreign Businessmen / Business Delegation to Bangladesh:

TIB helps foreign businessmen and investors to explore the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Bangladesh. TIB organizes business summits, seminars, workshops, and meetings with relevant stakeholders, such as government officials, industry associations, and local partners. TIB also provides logistical support, such as visa assistance, accommodation, transportation, and security. TIB aims to facilitate trade and investment between Bangladesh and the rest of the world.


3.17 Leading Bangladeshi Business Delegation Abroad: TIB also helps Bangladeshi businessmen and entrepreneurs to expand their markets and networks abroad. TIB arranges trade missions, exhibitions, fairs, and B2B meetings in various countries, such as China, the US, the EU, and India. TIB also provides market research, consultancy, and advocacy services to help Bangladeshi businesses overcome barriers and access new opportunities. TIB strives to promote Bangladesh’s products, services, and potentials to the global audience.


Market Access

Market Access


  1. Why Choose Us:

In the dynamic landscape of business consultancy and digital marketing, discerning the right partner is paramount. At Trade and Investment Bangladesh, we offer a synthesis of expertise, experience, and innovation that sets us apart as your unrivaled choice for propelling your business toward unprecedented heights.


4.1 A Legacy of Accomplishment:

Led by the visionary Mr. Md. Joynal Abdin, our firm stands as a testament to over 17 years of proven excellence in business consultancy and digital marketing. With a rich background including pivotal roles within the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI), SME Foundation, and Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI), Mr. Abdin’s leadership brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge and insight to every partnership.


4.2 Clients-Centric Philosophy:

At the core of our approach is a relentless focus on you – our valued client. We comprehend that each business journey is unique, marked by distinct goals and challenges. Our client-centric philosophy ensures that every strategy, every solution, and every service is meticulously tailored to align with your vision, driving results that resonate with your aspirations.


4.3 Comprehensive Solutions under One Roof:

As a comprehensive consultancy and digital marketing firm, we eliminate the need to source services from multiple vendors. Our wide-ranging portfolio, spanning from strategic mentorship to intricate digital marketing campaigns, is designed to be your one-stop destination for comprehensive support. This seamless integration empowers you to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive synergy across your initiatives.


4.4 Proven Expertise in Both Domains:

Our dual expertise in business consultancy and digital marketing is a rare fusion that magnifies your success potential. With adeptness in understanding market dynamics, formulating strategic plans, and executing them through cutting-edge digital strategies, we create a bridge between traditional business methodologies and the transformative power of the digital age.


4.5 Unparalleled Insight into Local and Global Markets:

Operating in Bangladesh provides us with a unique vantage point that transcends boundaries. We possess an intrinsic understanding of the local business landscape, coupled with an expansive view of global markets. This dual perspective equips us to guide you in navigating the complexities of international expansion while ensuring your strategies remain grounded in the nuances of local business dynamics.


4.6 Results That Speak for Themselves:

Our success is defined by the successes of our clients. Over the years, we have been privileged to be part of numerous transformational journeys; witnessing businesses evolve from conception to expansion. Our track record of tangible results, combined with the testimonials of satisfied clients, underscores our commitment to delivering value that extends far beyond our services.


4.7 A Partnership for Progress:

In a world that demands innovation, adaptability, and strategic prowess, Trade and Investment Bangladesh emerges as your unwavering partner. We are not just consultants; we are catalysts for change, enablers of growth, and architects of your success story. With a deep-seated dedication to integrity, excellence, and unwavering support, we invite you to embark on a journey that promises limitless possibilities.


Choose Trade and Investment Bangladesh for a partnership that transcends transactional engagements – choose us for a transformative alliance that leads to your prosperity and growth. Our commitment is to your success, our mission is to exceed your expectations, and our promise is to stand by your side every step of the way. Welcome to a partnership that paves the way for a future defined by accomplishments – Trade and Investment Bangladesh: Your Partner in Prosperity and Growth!


Talent Pool

Talent Pool


  1. Team and Expertise:

At Trade and Investment Bangladesh, our strength lies in a diverse and accomplished team that brings together expertise from around the globe. Led by the visionary Mr. Md. Joynal Abdin, our team is a collective force of business consultants, digital marketers, and industry experts with a shared commitment to driving your prosperity and growth.


5.1 Global Insights, Local Understanding:

Our panel of experts hails from a spectrum of countries, including Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, USA, UK, Australia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, and Canada. This diverse representation enriches our perspective, allowing us to combine global insights with a deep understanding of the local business landscape.


5.2 Seasoned Professionals:

Each member of our team possesses a rich portfolio of experience and accomplishments. With extensive backgrounds in organizations like the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI), SME Foundation, and Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI), our experts have played pivotal roles that have shaped industries and economies.


5.3 Holistic Understanding:

Our experts are not confined to single domains; they possess a holistic understanding of business consultancy, digital marketing, market trends, and strategic planning. This comprehensive insight allows us to offer solutions that transcend boundaries and address multifaceted challenges.


5.4 Customized Solutions, Tangible Results:

Collaborating with us means gaining access to a powerhouse of knowledge and creativity. Whether it’s crafting bespoke digital marketing campaigns or devising strategic business plans, our team ensures that every solution is tailored to your unique needs, resulting in outcomes that are measurable, impactful, and sustainable.


5.5 A Partnership for Success:

As your partners, we are dedicated to your journey. Our team is more than a collective of experts; it’s a group of individuals passionate about seeing your business thrive. We blend innovation with experience, data-driven insights with intuition, and strategic vision with real-world execution.


5.6 Your Partner in Every Endeavor:

In a world characterized by constant change, evolving markets, and emerging technologies, our team stands as your beacon of stability and guidance. At Trade and Investment Bangladesh, we’re not just consultants; we’re your advocates, allies, and architects of your success story.


With a team united by a shared commitment to excellence, and a portfolio of expertise that spans the globe, we invite you to join hands with us on a journey that promises remarkable accomplishments. Welcome to a partnership defined by expertise, innovation, and your unwavering growth – Trade and Investment Bangladesh: Your Partner in Prosperity and Growth!

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